No Water = No Life!!

Support Standing Rock, ND!


There comes a time when those who have a voice must stand up
and be the voice for the voiceless.

All the Elements, Fire, Air, Earth and Water do not have a voice that the unconscious human being can hear. But those that walk close, that walk gently on the Earth, can hear Her voice, through the Air/Wind, through the plants and trees and through the Sacred Waters that run through Her veins. It is evident that when these Elements are not in balance, there is great disruption upon planet Earth. And so, it is up to everyone that lives on this great Mother, to protect Her and to follow the Original Laws of Nature that have sustained all living things, since the beginning of creation.

When human beings put their greed before these Natural Laws, the only outcome will be destruction. It is now that we must stand up against those that are so short sighted, so unconscious and raise our voices to put a stop to the Dakota Access Pipeline and an imminent disaster. If we want our children, grandchildren and future generations to have clean water to drink, speak up now, stand up now and protect our Sacred waters that are irreplaceable.

Water is Life; No Water = No Life! Keep the Oil in the ground!

No Dakota Access Pipeline, No Access Pipelines, period!!

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